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Common Pitfalls in ATM Parts Purchasing and Management

Every company that operates a fleet of ATM’s will at one point or another needs a part or two. Most companies try to keep at least the most commonly failed part, the dispenser, on hand for immediate replacement but if you want to maximize uptime there are some other things to consider. Here are some common pitfalls in ATM parts ordering and management that anyone can fall into.

Over Ordering

It has happened to everyone who has been in the industry long enough. You have a single part that begins to fail throughout your fleet at about the same age. You think, “Well, all these machines have (ATM part) that fails after a certain amount of time. I should order replacements and several backups for the next round of failures.” Little do you know that the manufacturer was aware of the problem and fixed it in production. Now you are sitting on a pile of perfectly good parts with no way to move them. Be conservative when ordering parts. You can plan for a few failures but don’t plan on your whole fleet failing. Chances are that it won’t. Talk to your parts distributor. At ATM doctors we see a cross section of part failures that allows us to help you navigate these failure trends and help you stock the correct number of parts

Ordering the Wrong part

The only thing constant is change. Manufacturers are working toward a constant improvement of their product, so we see new revisions of parts, firmware, software, connectors, and control boards. Each new generation will often not be compatible with the last so it is important to know what you have. Before ordering a part, know what software version the machine is running as well as the firmware version of your dispenser. Knowing the mainboard type is also crucial to getting the right component. Contact the manufacturer if you are not sure what parts your machine contains. They will be able to look up the serial number and tell you what configuration the machine was shipped with. Additionally you can contact your part supplier. Give us a call at 1-888-895-7685 while you are in front of the machine and one of our ATM Doctors can help.

Keeping Track of Parts

Inventory management can be one of the biggest headaches for an Independent ATM Deployer. Parts end up floating around inside technician’s vehicles or deployed in the field with haste and not accounted for. Parts are ordered and utilized by different people in the organization leading to failures of communication that cause shrink. Often the administrator listing parts for inventory is not aware of the subtle differences in different generations of parts and lists them all as the same part leading to inventory discrepancies. Many times technicians in different parts of the country need specific parts and have to return the bad parts to you for repair or a core charge. All of this can create a logistical nightmare that causes, shrink, loss of credit for warranty and core charges, and inflated shipping costs. The easy solution is to let a third party manage your inventory for you. Atm Doctors will repair, store, and ship your parts directly to where they are needed with a return label your technician can use to ship the failed part back to us for repair or core credit. You can view your inventory in real time and order parts directly to where they are needed. It couldn’t be simpler to save the time and labor needed for inventory management and keep your shipping costs low.

Finding Legacy Parts

In the changing regulatory landscape that is the modern white label ATM industry many deployers have to upgrade older machines to keep them compliant and keep costs manageable. As manufacturers strive to move toward constant improvement they are often forced to leave older legacy models behind. They no longer support or manufacture parts for them and IAD’s are forced to seek out the parts elsewhere. This can often mean hours of phone calls and emails trying to purchase used machines to source a few needed parts. It sometimes requires turning to International suppliers with parts of questionable quality, long lead times on shipping and high freight costs. At ATM Doctors we carry an extensive line of legacy parts for older machines that you want to give new life. Often we can even repair the parts you already have to factory specifications. There is no need to scour your network or the internet for legacy parts. Even if you can’t find the part you need on our site give us a call. ATM Doctors can get you taken care of.

Some Parts Expire in Storage

Everyone at one point or another has taken a part off the shelf and put it into a machine only to find that the supposedly good part is not functional. It is easy to blame the manufacturer or the last company to repair the part but you need to consider that some parts expire in storage.

Dispensers are especially prone to these problems. If they are not stored in a climate controlled environment several things can go wrong. Belts stretch and contract with temperature changes and a low humidity environment can make them crack. The same can be seen in the rubber rollers that are such a crucial part of the dispense process. They will melt or crack causing them to come loose from their spindle. This can cause the dispenser to not spin up properly and fail to pick a note. Often it will cause notes to come out skewed which stops the dispenser in its tracks. Dispensers are also very sensitive to dust. When stored in a dusty environment, a sticky coating can form on a sensor which causes them to read improperly. Dispensers are designed to keep the money inside, so one incorrect sensor reading stops them dead. Dispensers should be kept wrapped and boxed in a climate controlled area until ready to use.

Mainboards and keypads contain a small battery which helps them maintain their firmware and settings. These like all batteries are sensitive to temperature, and long term storage in a place that is too hot or too cold will cause them to fail. Mainboards require you to simply replace the battery and sometimes reload software to get them working again. Keypads are another story. They often have tamper sensors that require them to be sent back to the manufacturer for refurbishment when the battery fails. It is very important to keep them in a climate controlled place and connect them to a machine periodically to recharge the battery.

When you use ATM Doctors Parts Logistics program we test every unit you order before it is shipped. You can be confident that the part will be functional when your technician installs it. In addition, your 180 day warranty does not start until the technician has the product. The best part is that it’s free. You just pay for the repair. Let us give you peace of mind that your parts are well taken care of.

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