Parts Storage & Logistics Services
= Let us make your job easier...We're excited to introduce Parts Storage & Logistic Services.

Improved Parts Storage & Logistics

We believe in making things easy. That’s why we’re excited to offer new and improved Parts Storage & Logistics Services. As part of our new program, we will store your repaired parts in our warehouse and ship them to you - when you need them, to the location you need them - saving time and money.

View & Order Your Parts Real Time!

ATM Parts Storage

Increase Efficiency & Save on Shipping

When you need your parts, simply log on to our website to have them shipped. ATM Doctors is available to ship your parts until 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday. Blind and third party shipping is also available.

ATM Parts Inventory

Let Us Repair & Stock Your Parts

No need to rent warehouse space or invest in a larger office.

  • ATM Doctors will repair your ATM parts/dispensers and store them in our warehouse until you need them.
  • View and request shipment of your inventory online, 24 Hours A Day from our website using your unique login.

Cost Effective Service

ATM Doctors is super affordable!

  • Part storage is just $2 per item / per month.
  • Dispenser storage starts at $5 per item / per month.
  • Best of all, the 180 day warranty on repaired items begins when your parts ship, not while it’s sitting on the shelf.
  • All new ATM Doctors Parts Storage and Logistics participants will receive 1st month FREE!

is in Good Hands with ATM Doctors

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