How do I find the part my ATM needs?
Our ATM parts are searchable by part number, name, and part description. You can also use the check boxes on the left side to search by brand or part type. If you cannot find the part that your ATM needs or don’t know what you are looking for give us a call at 1-888-895-7685 or email us at info@atm-doctors.com. Our factory certified ATM technicians will be glad to assist you with part identification and basic diagnostics to determine which part is right for you. Please have the model number and serial number of the unit on hand or included in your email message.
What warranty do I receive on a purchased part?
We offer a 180 day warranty on all of our new and refurbished ATM parts from the time they are shipped. This warranty covers all manufacturers’ defects and failures not caused by abuse or neglect. . We stand behind all of our new and refurbished parts. We’ve got you covered.

Tired of having repaired parts lying around collecting dust while the warranty runs out? If you take advantage of our innovative Part Transplant Program your warranty does not begin until the part is in your technician’s hands.
What warranty do I receive on a repair?
At ATM Doctors all of our repairs are covered by a 180 day warranty. This warranty covers all shipping, parts and labor. You can have confidence that we stand behind all of our repairs and Part Transplants.
What is your return policy?
All purchases may be returned for full purchase price less shipping within 30 days of their original shipped date. Returns must be in original condition and contain all original parts and accessories. Please contact us at 1-888-895-7685 or at info@atm-doctors.com to arrange for a return
How do I place an order for parts or repair?
You can order online easily and conveniently with a credit / debit card or by taking advantage of our Net 30 terms. Simply click Create Account in the top right hand corner of our page. Additionally you can contact us by phone at 1-888-895-7685 and one of our factory certified technicians can assist you with your order. Or feel free to email us at info@atm-doctors.com to order a part, service or repair.
Do you offer financing terms?
We offer Net 30 financing to let you easily pay for all your parts, field services and repairs on one convenient monthly invoice. To apply for a Net 30 credit account please click Create Account at the top right of the page and check Request Net Terms or contact us at 1-888-895-7685 or at info@atm-doctors.com
What if my part is unrepairable?
If we cannot repair your part we will contact you and discuss the options available in your particular case. Many times we can offer core credit for the unrepairable part and provide you with a new or used option to replace it. We handle each case individually in order to provide you with all of your options.
How can I get my part back faster?
On top of our four day from receipt turnaround guarantee you can pay a little extra for expedited repair (24 hour turnaround) or utilize a Part Transplant. Our Part Transplant program allows you to contact us with an issue and get a replacement part shipped that day. After your technician has replaced the part simply send the non-working part back to us.

You can also leave your parts with the Doctors until they are needed with our Parts Logistics Program. We will ship your part directly to your location or technician as they are needed. This extends the life of your warranty saving you time and money.
What do I do if my dispenser is jamming frequently?
First try to give it a good cleaning. Blow out any dust that has collected with canned pressurized air. Then use a lint free cloth and some alcohol to clean off the rollers inside that pull the bill from the cassette. Next use a clean lint free cloth to clean all the sensors (These look like small glass bubbles attached to an electronic board. There will be two facing each other in each sensor location.) Finally inspect all the belts to ensure that they are aligned and on top of a roller. If this does not resolve your issue you can click on the Repairs and Services link above, contact us at service@atm-doctors.com or call1-888-895-7685 to schedule a repair or Part Transplant.
How can I protect my investment and prevent problems with my ATM?
The primary way to prevent ATM failure is with regular cleaning and inspection. When you load your ATM take the time to inspect the belts and rollers of your dispenser. Look for loose belts, ground down gears and ink accumulated on the parts that contact the notes. Give your dispenser, mainboard and printer a quick blast with some canned pressurized air to prevent dust buildup.

In your card reader use a wavy EMV style card reader cleaner to remove any buildup in that can cause it to not read chips or magnetic strips. Simply remove the cleaner from the package and insert and remove it from the card reader several times.

In addition please ensure that your ATM is plugged into a surge protector and not just a simple power strip or outlet expander and that it is on its own outlet with no coolers or other devices that could cause voltage variation.
How do I figure out which part needs repair?
Usually your ATM will display an error code that is a series of letters and numbers. The manufacturer’s website will allow you to search this code and determine where the error originated. If you're still having trouble just email us at support@atm-doctors.com or give us a call at 1-888-895-7685 and we will be glad to help.
What if my ATM is broken and I’m not sure what to do?
Don’t worry! If you are in our service direct service area or one of our affiliate’s well come to you. We offer onsite service for installation, removal and repair. Just email us at support@atm-doctors.com or give us a call at 1-888-895-7685. We do House Calls!

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